Patient Testimonials

I can’t thank you all enough for finally letting me live without back pain. I have never had a doctor give such personal one-on-one time with me. Part of a successful surgery and recovery begins with the first visit.
Thanks again,

Terri Sloan

Thank you for the beautiful plant, it brightened up the room. How do we say thank you for the superior care Mack has received? Dr. Mackenzie, we are both grateful for the time taken to answer questions and the clear explanation of what steps are taken during surgery. We think highly of you and trust your skills 100%.
Thank you,
Mack and Lenae Bean

I want to thank both of you for what you did for me last week. Without your caring and love, I would not be having my “very last” spinal surgery tomorrow. Most doctors and nurses would not have even bothered, but the two of you actually cared about my fears and concerns.

Dr. Mac, I get my BC/BS statements each month and I check them. I know you are not going to get rich from my surgery. I truly believe you and Debbie are special people God placed on this earth for a reason, and I thank you for everything you have done.
My Love and Gratitude to you both,

Thank you so much for the plant sent to my husband after surgery, what a pleasant surprise. Your thoughtfulness and great care are so much appreciated. It’s not often you find a kind and compassionate doctor these days as well as being extremely skilled, of course. We both appreciate the great care and attention in making my husbands back problems a thing of the past.
Cathy and Dave Dalton

I thank God and you for the professional guidance of your hands in making me whole again.
A friend forever,
Dean Staney and Family

Brilliant and thoughtful, too! What a great combination for a Doctor. The plant is lovely, and surely helped me through my ordeal. A million thanks to you!
Donna Jacobson

I was a patient of another doctor for 10 years and had planned on having him do my back surgery. I was led to you and, upon our meeting and discovering my issues, I felt you were the right surgeon. One of your patients I talked to said you had a certain spiritualness to your work and how you cared for your patients. That’s why I elected to have you perform the surgery. So far I’ve been very pleased with not only the initial improvement but with the way you conducted the entire event. Start to finish you were a gentlemen, professional, thorough, and most of all sensitive to the patients needs. Thanks for all you’ve done. I’m very confident with the way I’m healing. I’ll be doing normal things in 2-3 months and be back to my routines w/o pain. Thanks again for the effort and personal caregiving. It’s something I won’t soon forget. Thanks also for the plant which was a nice touch.
Meg Hasty

I want to thank you for changing my life. For 15 years I have suffered in extreme pain, every minute of every day, and you and your team have changed all of that. You have given me hope, happiness, and health, none of which I ever thought I would have again in my lifetime. Thank you again for being the kind of man and the kind of doctor you are. It is truly your calling.
Your Admirer forever – sincerely,

Dana Smallwood

Thank you all so very much for your care and concern in regards to my back injury. I am so grateful for the wonderful service you all provide for your patients! There is NO better care in the Dfw area!
Best Regards,