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In our practice, we strive to attain the best possible healing and recovery for every patient. Because every patient is unique, we prescribe treatment based on a thorough evaluation, which we perform utilizing the latest technological advancements available. We believe in evaluating patients promptly and educating them on their diagnosis so they can play an active role in the decision-making and treatment process. Our clinical experience has shown us that patients who participate in their own healthcare decisions are far more likely to achieve an optimal level of healing and recovery.

Dr. Mackenzie is an expert in MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGICAL TECHNIQUES for spinal surgery. This means that, wherever possible, incisions will be small and damage to adjacent tissues will be minimized by using careful muscle splitting techniques or approaches where less muscular damage occurs. This results in less postoperative pain and faster recovery. Please note that although the majority of spinal problems can be treated this way, there are exceptions for complex problems.

Orthopedic Spinal Surgery
Minimally invasive spine surgical techniques

Entire spine from the base of the skull to the tailbone
In medical terms — Cervical spine down to the coccyx
Conservative care of the adjacent tissue connections
Medication Refills

More Information

Narcotic refills cannot be filled outside office hours
Requires office visits every three months
Call pharmacy at least two days in advance (have prescription containers on hand)
Diagnostic Tests*

Computerized Tomography
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Bone Scanning
EMG, Nerve Conduction Studies or Neurological Evaluation
Blood Tests
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Impairment Ratings
* These procedures are performed at various other independent facilities the choice of which will depend on a number of factors including your insurance coverage and proximity to your home.